Interim measures in response to COVID-19

48 Hours notice is required for processing. The repeat prescription fee is $22.00. All prescriptions MUST be faxed to your pharmacy. Make sure to include the name of the Pharmacy in your request.

Payment for repeat prescriptions to be made to our bank account 03 0767 0333775 00 (please use your name and address as the reference).

To request a repeat prescription

  • Our preferred method is through our patient portal.
  • Phone our prescription line 24/7 on 03 322 5724 and leave a message.
  • Complete the electronic request form.
  • For urgent prescriptions required within 24 hours phone us and ask to speak to the nurse.

Note: Repeat prescriptions are only available at your doctor’s discretion for stable medical conditions for which you have had medication previously prescribed by Halswellhealth. A consultation with your doctor is needed at least every six months to allow a review of your medication. The prescription charge from Halswellhealth is to cover the time it takes to check and generate your prescription, and includes nurse, doctor and administration components. Please note, some pharmacies may have their own charge for receiving a faxed prescription.

Repeat Prescription Request Form

Repeat Prescription Request Form