Our policy is that all fees are paid at the time of your consultation (except in an emergency). If this is a problem, please speak to your Doctor, our Accounts Manager or our Practice Manager. You are welcome to set up a regular automatic payment to help manage the cost of your health care. Reminders of overdue accounts will be sent to each patient by text or email where possible. Full copies of overdue accounts can be provided if requested.

Payment can be made to our bank account 12 3191 0058275 00 (please include your name and address as payment reference).

Halswellhealth is member of Christchurch PHO, a Primary Health Organisation, this enables us to pass on Government subsidies to patients who are enrolled at this Practice. The fees stated below are our standard fees. These vary, for longer consultation times or other special circumstances. The enrolled fees apply to patients who are eligible, i.e. New Zealand citizens, permanent residents, and eligible visa holders, and enrolled with our Practice.

Please note that additional charges will be incurred for consumables, some triage calls and out-of-session portal responses.

We reserve the right to charge a fee if a patient fails to attend their booked appointment and does not contact us to cancel it. The Non Attendance fee is $20 for under 14 year olds, $47.00 for 14-17 year olds and $58.00 for patients 18 and over. Please see our Terms of Trade

Please enquire about our fees if you are not eligible for funded health and disability services in New Zealand. Casual and non-resident patients may be required to pay prior to their consultation/services being provided (except in an emergency).

Our current fees effective from 1st January 2024 are as listed below.


CSC Cardholders (Community Services Card)

0-13 years (including ACC consultation) No charge No charge
14-17 years (including ACC consultation) $13.00 $51.00
18 years & over (including ACC consultation) $19.50 $63.00
Double appointment (18+) $82.50 $126.00
New Patient Appointment $40.00 $90.00
Prescription Standard- 3 working day processing time $25.00
Prescription Urgent- available by 4pm if requested by midday otherwise available the next working day $35.00
Steroid Injection* $110.00
Off Work Certificate- non ACC, Virtual Consultation* $19.50 $40.00
Nurse or GP Triage- cost dependant on duration $20.00-$40.00
Non Attendance Fee Full fee may be charged (a charge also applies to under 14 years)
Driver’s Licence Medical*- does not include Mini-Ace test, if required refer to nursing charges for cost $100.00
Portal Responses* – time dependent From $20.00
Children’s Medical Certificate $25.00
Form Completion and Referrals* From $35.00
Form Completion- WINZ (Disability or Counselling)* $20.00
Home Visit* price will include time and travel costs From $150.00
IUD (insert and fit)* $275.00
Jadelle (insert or remove)* $275.00
Pessary $63.00
Minor Surgery- removal of lesions*- (includes up to 2 post-operative visits) From $345.00
Single Punch Biopsy From $135.00
Sexual Health (ages 14-17) No charge
Travel Consult*
Please refer to our Travel Page (Vaccines charged separately)
30 Minutes: $180.00
45 Minutes: $270.00
60 Minutes: $360.00
Well Health Check*-enrolled patients only (includes nurse and GP appointment) $160.00
Antarctica Medical* From $400.00
Insurance, Pre- Employment and Boxing Medicals* Price to be advised once paper work reviewed
Casual- Unenrolled patients 0-13 years $63.00
14-17 years  $70.00
18 years and over $105.00
Double appointment $210.00
Non NZ resident (any age)- this cost does not include the cost of tests and other services if required Standard appointment $130.00
Double appointment $260.00
Death/Cremation Certificates $300.00


*These Services are not subsidized so reflect the actual cost of their provision



CSC Cardholders

(Community Services Card)


Blood Test



Blood Pressure Check



B12 Injection



B12 Injection on same day as GP appointment



Cervical Smear



Removal of stitches (external providers)



Nurse Consult (including dressings)



ACC Nurse Consult (including dressings)



Nurse Diabetic Consultation






Injection fee (including Depo)



Liquid Nitrogen (any age- excludes consult fee)


From $20.00

Wart Treatment Kit (includes nurse consultation)



Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT 1 hour or 2 hour)



Mini ACE






Smoking cessation initial consultation



Smoking cessation follow-up + patches