Viral Illness

We appreciate you taking the time to read the following information. Infectious diseases such as COVID-19, influenza(flu), colds and other viral respiratory infections continue to pose a risk for many of our patients. During the pandemic we learnt that it is no longer safe to have patients unwell with viral illnesses sitting in the waiting room with potentially vulnerable patients. We have put together the following practice guidelines to help keep our patients and staff well. 

We are facing increased demands in General Practice due to pressures on the health system and at times we need to prioritise our appointments for those most in need and the most unwell people. Thank you for your understanding. 

    • If you are unwell and you need a nurse or GP assessment, please ring the practice so we can triage your needs.  
    • Please consider if telehealth will meet your needs. 
    • We reserve appointments every day for acute problems. that are booked by ringing the practice. 
    • We appreciate if patients with a potential infectious illness can wear a mask to protect others. 
    • If you come to the practice with an infectious illness, you may be asked to wait in your car, or we will try to find an isolation room inside for you. 
    • If you have an existing appointment and have become unwell in the interim with a viral illness, then please consider telehealth. If you need an in-person visit to the practice, then please RAT before you come in and wait in your car. Bring your phone and let us know you have arrived. 

 Please note most patients with viral illnesses can be safely managed at home. Viral illnesses are extremely common in small children and babies, and most can manage safely at home. If your child has any of the following symptoms, then please ring for advice 

    • Breathing difficulties 
    • Persistent high fever over 38.5 
    • High fever and a rash 
    • Difficulty managing food and fluids 

 Medical certificates for children for preschool/missed sports & other lessons. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity and General Practice is not funded, to provide certificates for well children to return to school or preschool. This is a decision to be made between the parents and the preschool. We are unable to provide certificates for missed lessons e.g. swimming. These appointments are not funded under the free under 14s scheme and charges apply. 


If you are unwell and need medical help, then please ring the practice. 

If you qualify for antivirals, then it is helpful to upload your result onto the MOH website so we can contact you to arrange antivirals. Alternatively, you can visit a pharmacy for antivirals. Most COVID-19 care is no longer funded and fees apply. 

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