Welcome to Halswellhealth. We are located on 3 sites, Ensign Street and Longhurst in Halswell and off Central Avenue in Prebbleton. 

Following an influx of new year enrolments early in 2024 Halswellhealth have made the decision to pause our new enrolments in order to work through our backlog.

Please keep an eye on our website for advice as to when we have recommenced.


  • A standard appointment is 15 minutes.  
  • A longer appointment is necessary if you have a list of issues to discuss or a complex issue and allows your GP to give you the best care possible. 
  • Your GP may ask you to make another appointment if your issue cannot be managed within the time booked. We really appreciate your understanding in this situation. 

Non standard appointments. These appointments are not subsidised by the Ministry of Health and full fees apply. These include (but are not limited to) the following.  

We will always do our best to inform you of costs at the time of booking. A comprehensive fees list is available here

  • Driver’s license medical 
  • Travel 
  • Insurance assessments.   
  • Minor Surgery and procedures including IUDs. 

Masks in the practice

We are still asking patients to wear a mask in the waiting room. We have many vulnerable patients that sit in the waiting room and mask wearing helps protect these patients.  

Great News! We reserve 20% of our appointments to book on the day for managing our acutely unwell patients. Please ring the practice for these appointments as they are not visible to be booked via MyIndici. 


Managing Viral illnesses

Please read our page on managing viral illnesses. During winter we can be inundated with requests to see patients with viral illnesses. Usually, patients can self-manage at home, but we reserve appointments every day for those patients most in need of a medical assessment. We can provide a nurse off work certificate if required for your work. 

Getting through on the phones! 

  • Our phone lines are very busy before 10am, especially on Mondays.  
  • If your issue is not urgent then please ring later in the day.  
  • Due to the high demand of calls on a Monday if your issue is not urgent you may not be contacted until the following day. We try very hard to get back to patients as soon as we can. 
  •  Please consider emailing or the portal function for non-urgent queries. (email/portal the nurse). 

Triage/advice/telehealth calls incur a fee (see fees list)

  • You will not be charged twice if you need to attend an appointment for the issue discussed.  
  • Brief calls for prescriptions will incur a script fee only. 

MyIndici Messaging service

Please see our link on how to use this service and  what it can be used for. It is not suitable for urgent queries. Patients must  refrain from messaging their GP to make an appointment as the GPs do not have spare capacity to respond to these requests. 

Be Kind 

Finally, we continue to experience high demand coupled with occasional staff shortages. Our team are wonderful and do the very best they can. Please treat them with respect and patience.