COVID-19 Information

Alert Level Orange at Halswell Health

Halswellhealth is operating at Level Orange. The following is important information for people attending our practice.

Halswellhealth update April 2022 

We have really appreciated the support from our patients over recent times. Local COVID-19 case numbers are dropping but we are managing a considerable amount of COVID-19 related work.  We have staff shortages due to illness and many of our team members need some time off for a break.  

Appointments and service provision

  • We continue to provide most of our GP and nurse-led services but there may be a delay with routine appointments.  

  • Some of our GPs are short of routine appointments, particularly those with a large enrolled population and the GPs managing COVID-19 work.  

  • We may also have to cancel clinics at short notice when staff become unwell. 

The school holidays are approaching and we have 2 short weeks with Easter and Anzac Day.  We expect to run a reduced service over this time. We will provide acute appointments, childhood immunisations, flu clinics and ongoing COVID care.  Routine appointments will be available but will depend on staff availability.  

Virtual appointments are preferred currently whilst community cases of COVID are high 

  • If you need to see a GP or nurse face to face then please ring reception to arrange this as we do have the capacity to see you face to face.  

  • Our online booking is set up to only accept virtual bookings. 

We also have appointments set aside every day to manage urgent/acute issues. Please ring and speak to the nurse if you need to be seen. 

Flu Vaccines 

  • These are now available.  

  • The MOH has asked us to focus on vaccinating priority groups in April. Flu vaccination will open up to the wider community in May.  

  • We will open up clinics regularly over the next couple of months. 

How to contact Halswellhealth


SEMI URGENT PROBLEMS ring 03 3228121  

ROUTINE issues either email the practice, use the patient portal, or ring the practice (ideally after 10am)   

For routine COVID-19 related enquiries patients can use their portal to send a message to the provider COMMUNITY COVID CARE or to the NURSE.  

Out of Hours please contact Healthline on 0800 358 5453 


  • If you have COVID symptoms we offer testing (RAT/PCR) by appointment at Ensign Street every weekday. If you self-test positive for COVID-19 then please upload your result onto mycovidrecord as this will let us know, you are positive. 

  • If you are unwell with COVID/viral symptoms then we can assess your symptoms virtually and arrange a face-to-face appointment at Ensign St if required. Please do not come into the surgery. 

  • We ask all patients not to come into the practice if they have viral symptoms and we ask all our patients to wear a medical grade mask when visiting the practice. (We can provide one if you don’t have one). 

  • The waiting room remains closed for patients waiting to see their GP for now. Please come into the practice if you are booked for a Flu or COVID vaccine. 

Information for COVID Positive Patients

We have been trying to make contact with all our COVID positive patients and whanau but with such a high demand this is not always possible.  

If you test positive for COVID please lodge your case on mycovidrecord or 0800 222 478

If you have COVID please contact the medical centre on 03 322 8121 if you need medical assistance. 

The Ministry of Health has advised General Practice to focus on supporting patients to manage themselves at home and to offer a more proactive approach to our more high-risk patients and vulnerable populations.  

High risk patients include the following groups 

  • Underlying health conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease 

  • Pregnant women or postpartum 

  • Patients on immunosuppressant medications such as chemotherapy, biologics, methotrexate and steroids 

  • Mental health concerns 

  • High social needs 

Our High Risk Patients will be contacted by phone and TXT to indicate they are high risk and an individual plan will be provided for our patients depending on their needs. 

Our GPs will be reviewing the cases that are notified to the practice every day to assess clinical risk. 

Our low-risk patients  

Will be sent a TXT message to indicate they have been placed on self-management and a message to their patient portal/e-mail(if available) with details of this.  

If you feel that you belong to the high needs groups and you have not been contacted by our team please let us know and we will be in touch to assess you. 

For all patients it is vital that they seek medical help if they are deteriorating. 

If you are suffering from worsening COVID –19 symptoms and you are worried please get medical help. 

We also ask that patients contact us if they are COVID positive and have non COVID acute issues that require medical attention. 

How do I know when I need help and who do I contact? 

Call 111 if you: 

  • have severe trouble breathing or severe chest pain 
  • are very confused or not thinking clearly 
  • feel faint or pass out (lose consciousness).    

Call your healthcare team if: 

  • you have new or worse trouble breathing 
  • your symptoms are getting worse 
  • you start getting better and then get worse 
  • you have symptoms of severe dehydration such as: 
  • having a very dry mouth 
  • passing only a little urine (pee) 
  • feeling very light-headed.    

You may experience very mild or no symptoms. 

  • It is important to stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids.   
  • Keep monitoring your symptoms so you notice any changes. 
  • It is important to avoid running, strenuous exercise and high impact activities. 

More information on Covid-19 Care at home for Adults

More information on Covid-19 Care at home for Children

Booster vaccination for 16 and 17yr olds has been announced today. These can be given 6 months after your second vaccine. Please book via 

Travelling post COVID-19 infection 

  • If you need a certificate or documentation for travel purposes then please make an appointment with a GP to discuss. 

 COVID Vaccination post COVID-19 infection 

  • It is recommended that you wait 3 months post COVID-19 infection before you receive a COVID vaccination.  
  • This applies even if you had an asymptomatic or mild infection. 
  • If you require a vaccine exemption post COVID-19 infection then please make an appointment with a GP. 

We are not able to provide vaccination with novovax or astra-zeneca COVID vaccine. Please discuss this with your GP if you wish to access these vaccines. 


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