What it is: 

MyIndici is a secure patient portal available at Halswellhealth. It allows patients access to their health information and limited interaction with their General Practice team. 

  • The portal allows direct, secure messaging to the team at Halswellhealth.  
  • Allows patients to make appointments online for yourself and family members.  
  • Allows patients to view their test results.  

What it isn’t: 

  • This service is not to replace a usual consultation, and is not suitable for urgent matters.   

The portal does not replace seeing your GP or nurse in person. 


  • Charges may apply if practitioners are required to spend some time dealing with messages. E.g., organising prescriptions, email advice, arranging referrals. 

 Increasingly we are asked to chase up and manage results from other providers. Due to the time this takes there will be a charge for this service depending on the work involved. 

How it works: 

It can aid patients and the practice in delivering and receiving good care.  The portal is not suitable for urgent or ‘same day’ health matters. 

 If you are not going to check messages from Halswellhealth or log in to check your results then we ask you do not register with the patient portal. For patients that are registered with the portal this is the main method of communication we use as a practice to exchange information. If you are currently registered and have no intention of using the portal then we can deregister your account to avoid sending information that will not be checked. 

What is available on the portal: 

 Make appointments online 

  • If your regular GP has no appointments available; you can book an appointment to see any of our GPs.  
  • It is a good idea to have a couple of GPs who know you and who you feel comfortable seeing. 

 If your matter is urgent and no appointments are available online, please phone the practice as urgent appointments are available every day via our triage nurse/GP. 

  • Please do not email your GP to make an appointment as your GP does not have the capacity to manage this. Emails to the GPs requesting appointments will not be actioned. 

 Order your repeat prescription 

  • This is available for routine prescriptions.   
  • Please order your prescription via the designated prescription section of the portal.  
  • Repeat prescriptions are at the discretion of your GP and usual charges apply.  

 Your GP may have allowed a longer repeat prescribing interval for some routine medications. The system will not allow prescriptions to be ordered after 6 months without seeing the GP so in this instance please either ring the practice or send a message to your GP with the medication requested and the pharmacy of your choice for pick up.  

Secure messaging to your General Practice team 

  • We ask that messaging be kept brief.  
  • Messages may take up to three working days to be actioned.   
  • Messages will not be checked in the evening and at weekends. 
  • Please note GPs will not be available for messages out of hours or when they are on leave.  
  • The portal function will be switched off for GPs whilst on leave and you will not be able to find their name on the list of providers. (Patients can ring the practice, or email the nurses or admin teams if necessary). 

Charges for using the patient portal 

  • Brief interactions will not be charged e.g., quick exchange of information.  
  • Any charges will be at the discretion of the clinician.  

View test results and other information 

  • Results from tests that your GP or nurse has arranged for you can be viewed on the portal once your GP has signed them off. This will be the primary method of communicating results for patients who are registered on the portal. 
  • Please allow several days for these results to be loaded (certain results e.g., biopsies may take up to 10 days). 
  •  Your GP may choose not to load certain more sensitive results onto your portal without talking to you first. 
  • If the results have been labelled by your GP as “normal” then this means your GP is happy with the result (even if the results have been labelled abnormal by the lab). If you wish to discuss your results in more detail, a standard appointment is required. 

Results that are ordered by the hospital or specialists will not necessarily come to your portal. Please contact your specialist team for these results. The specialist ordering the test is responsible for follow up and management of those results. 

See a list of your medical conditions, your immunisations, and health reminders 

  • Please let us know if anything is missing or incorrect on your information. 

Access up to date information via resources section 

  • This section is where we keep important up to date information and website links.  
  • Your doctor or nurse may also post information which is relevant to your individual health needs. 

 To register or login to MyIndici go here