There are strict Medical Council guidelines on the provision of medical certificates. Our fees for these services are on the fees list. Please note, most certificates, including those for children, will incur a fee. 

  • Driving medical certificate. More information about driving medical certificates can be found here 
  • All ACC medical certificates (ACC45s, ARC 18, Return to work plan certificates), require a GP appointment.  A virtual appointment may be suitable. 
  • All WINZ Medical Capacity to Work certificates require a GP appointment.  
  • Disability Certificates can usually be completed without an appointment. The GP may request an appointment to discuss if more information is required.  
  • A Nurse Off Work Certificate can be provided by our nursing staff via a triage phone call. This is usually sufficient for most employers. 
  • If a GP off work certificate is required, then a GP consultation is required. (A virtual consultation may be appropriate). 

Medical certificates for children for preschool

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity, to provide certificates to declare children well for return to school/preschool. This is a decision to be made between the parents and the preschool. We appreciate your cooperation with this. 

Certificates for missed sports & other lessons for children 

Medical certificates for missed swimming lessons (or similar) can only be provided if your child has been seen whilst unwell. There is a charge for this service. 

Medical Certificates for Official Examinations e.g. NCEA/University exams

If you do not need to see a GP, then please contact your school directly as most schools have a school nurse that can provide the necessary certificate. 

If you need a GP appointment, then it is essential to be seen when you are unwell so we can make an accurate assessment and provide the appropriate details. E.g. for Aegrotat certificates.