The cervical screening program changed in September 2023. Most cervical screens will be an HPV (vaginal) swab taken every 5 years. 

 At Halswellhealth we have moved to a nurse led cervical screening program. A nurse appointment is required to go through the necessary screening questions and decide which test is best for the patient.  

 The National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) is not fully funded. However, screening is free for women and people with a cervix who:  

  • are aged 30 or over and have never had a screening test or are under-screened.
  • require follow-up testing.
  • hold a Community Services Card.
  • are Māori or Pacific.

We are not able to manage cervical screening as an add on to a GP appointment. A dedicated nurse appointment is required. All patients requesting a routine cervical screen will be booked into the nurse clinic. Please book online or phone reception. 

Please Note. Cervical screening is for people who don’t have symptoms. If you’re having any symptoms, it is important to see a healthcare provider without delay.  

Symptoms could include:  

  • bleeding or spotting between periods or after your periods have stopped (after menopause) 
  • pain during sex and/or bleeding or spotting after sex 
  • vaginal discharge that’s not normal for you.
  • persistent pain in your pelvis or lower back. 

These symptoms can happen for many reasons and rarely mean you have cervical cancer. However, it is important to get them checked. A GP appointment is best for these issues. 

 Further information/useful links: