9th July 2024- Following an overwhelming influx of enrolments in the last week Halswellhealth have made the decision to pause our new enrolments in order to work through the ones we have already received.

Please keep an eye on our website for advice as to when we have recommenced enrolling.

Please note when we open for new enrolments we have a boundary  to enable us to serve our local communities. Our boundaries are illustrated in the attached map

  • Hoon Hay Road, Cashmere Road and Hoon Hay Valley Road to the East 
  • Curletts Road to Christchurch Southern Motorway to the North
  • Robinsons Road to Waterholes Road, Waterholes Road to Selwyn Road, Selwyn Road to Weedons  Road, Weedons Road to Shands Road, Shands Road to Ellsmere Junction Road, Ellsemere Junction Road to Days Road and Days Road to Pannets Road to the West. 

We will review these boundaries periodically and reserve the right to change them if we deem it necessary.