If you are an enrolled patient, you can use our online booking system Connectmed to make appointments with your Doctor.

Booking online appointments

When you book an appointment online it is ONLY for a standard GP appointment. If you wish to book an extended GP appointment or any nursing services (including immunisations) you will need to ring us.

For continuity of care, please book with the Doctor you are enrolled with, or their locum, whenever possible.

Cancelling an appointment

If you no longer require your booked appointment, please cancel it in good time so that another patient can be seen. You can ring us or, if you have booked online, you can use the online service to cancel the appointment. Please do not email us to cancel an appointment as this may not be seen in time. A cancellation close to the appointment time may result in a fee being charged.

If you fail to attend an appointment and have not contacted us to cancel it, we reserve the right to charge a non attendance fee. Please refer to the section on fees for more information.