Halswellhealth has recently updated its terms of trade.

For many of our patients who pay on the day these changes will have no impact but because they are a change to our existing terms we felt it important to communicate them with our entire enrolled population.

Terms of Trade
• Payment in full is due on the day of your consultation unless you have set up an automatic
• You are welcome to pay on the day of consultation via internet banking to 12 3191 0058275
00 stating your full name in the particulars field and your chart number (if known) in the
reference field.
• An automatic payment arrangement is a good way of managing the costs of your healthcare.
If you have set up this type of payment arrangement, and wish to cancel it, please let us know
• Accounts that are not settled within 40 days of consultation without prior arrangement will
be charged a $5.00 account management fee
• If there is a failure to pay fees, and after we have taken steps with you to manage your debt
without success, we may involve a debt collection agency. Any fees incurred in debt recovery
will be passed on to the account holder.
• If you have any concerns about managing the costs of your healthcare please contact our
Assistant Practice Manager ([email protected]) to talk about options for you.
• If you do not attend for a booked appointment, and you have not contacted us to cancel the
appointment, we reserve the right to charge a full non-attendance fee, a charge may also
apply to under 14 year old’s.
• We reserve the right to refuse non-emergency service and limit patients’ capacity to engage
with our online services due to fees being unpaid without prior arrangement.
• All casual and non-resident fees are payable PRIOR to the consultation or service being
• All vaccines which are not part of the New Zealand Immunisation Schedule e.g. travel
vaccines, are to be paid for BEFORE they are given.