We have put together a patient information sheet on MyIndici which explains what you can do on the portal. 

MyIndici @Halswellhealth
MyIndici is a patient portal available at Halswellhealth. A patient portal allows patients to access their health information and interact with their General Practice team.
The portal does not replace seeing your GP or nurse in person but can support patients and the practice in delivering and receiving good care. There is no charge for signing up to MyIndici but charges may apply for some of the services provided. The portal is not suitable for urgent health matters.

Make appointments online
Make appointments online for yourself and family members (under 16 years). If your regular doctor has no
appointments available, you can book an appointment to see any of our doctors. It is a good idea to have a couple of doctors who know you and who you feel comfortable seeing.
If the matter is urgent and no appointments are available online, please phone the practice as urgent appointments are available every day.
Order your repeat prescription
This is available for routine prescriptions. Please order your prescription via the designated prescription section of the portal. Repeat prescriptions are at the discretion of your GP and usual charges apply. Please note there are restrictions on the repeat prescribing of some medications.
See a list of your medical conditions, your immunisations, and health reminders
Please let us know if anything is missing or incorrect on your information.
Access up to date information via resources section
This section is where we keep important up to date information and website links. Your doctor or nurse may also post information which is relevant to your individual health needs.
Secure messaging to your General Practice team
The portal allows direct, secure messaging to the team. We ask that messaging be kept brief. This service is not to replace a usual consultation, and is not suitable for urgent matters. Messages may take up to two working days to be actioned. Please note GPs will not be available for messages out of hours or when they are on leave.
Brief interactions will not be charged. A charge may apply if practitioners are required to spend some time dealing with requests.
View test results and other information
Results from tests that your GP or nurse has arranged for you can be viewed on the portal. Please allow several days for these results to be loaded (certain results eg biopsies may take up to 10 days). Your GP may choose not to load certain more sensitive results onto your portal without talking to you first.
If the results have been labelled by your GP as “normal” then this means your GP is happy with the result (even if the result has been labelled abnormal by the lab).
Results that are ordered by the hospital or specialists will not necessarily come to your portal. Please contact your specialist team for these results.

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