Please read and sign the consent form if you wish to sign up for ManageMyHealth™

ManageMyHealth™ is a web site for you; it uploads your information from our computer to a secure web server. It is a place where you can access your health information online, it’s easy and confidential.

Important – This is a non-urgent service. Please do not use ManageMyHealth™ to communicate acute serious problems to your doctor. Please phone us on (03) 322 8121 for advice on urgent matters.

Repeat Presciptions

We encourage you to use the Request Prescription service. This service is
only available for medications you are on long term. You will receive an email when your doctor
has completed the prescription. Please allow 2 working days for this service. Costs will apply for
faxed prescriptions. Please phone for urgent (same day) prescriptions.

Test Results

We would like to use ManageMyHealth™ as one of the ways of notifying you of your test results. We also use texting and telephone. When we file a result you will be sent an email saying your record has been updated. We recommend you do not switch off the automatic notification box in your inbox setup, so you can receive these messages. Your ‘Lab Results’ section in the ‘Health Summary’ option will have your results. One column has your doctor’s comments on the test. For more detail click the blue ‘i’ button. Please read your doctor’s comments and take any action recommended. If there are serious abnormalities we will try to contact you by phone and/or invite you to make an appointment.

Emails Via ManageMyHealth™

Most doctors will respond to email requests within 48 hours. An email will be sent back to you if you need to phone the surgery for follow-up. If your request is too complex you may be asked to make an appointment for a consultation or pay a fee for the service. The doctor who receives your message has sole discretion as to whether your request will incur a fee. This will depend on the time taken.

Health Information

If you see incorrect information in your health record please contact the practice so we can correct the information.

General Conditions

All messaging services are non-urgent services and we will attempt to answer your query within 48 hours. Misuse of this service may result in suspension of your ManageMyHealth™ account.

Technical Support

The website is provided by MedtechGlobal, a New Zealand company that provides the software that Halswellhealth uses. They are unable to see your information, as it is encrypted.