Under Level 2 Ministry of Health guidelines, we continue to encourage virtual (phone or video) appointments, where appropriate. However, if you need to be seen in person, be assured we are able to see you, safely, in the practice.

Booking a Telephone or Virtual Consult

You can book a telephone or virtual consult in the Appointments Section of your Patient Portal. Under Appointment Type simply select “Phone Triage” or “Video Consult” then continue to select your provider, date and time for the appointment.

Alternatively, you can phone us to make an appointment.

Attending a Telephone or Video Consult

Telephone Consult – Please be available at your appointment time and the doctor will call you.

Video Consult – If you use the MyIndici Portal, please ensure you are logged into the patient portal at least 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled appointment time. Click on the Appointments tile and, when you are ready, click start consult. This will bring up a form to confirm or enter new contact information. Once you have reviewed this information (and updated it if necessary) click save and this will take you into your video consult. If you want to test your microphone and camera ahead of the consult, simply select Test Video Call.

If you have booked a Video Consult and are not yet a portal user, a url will be forwarded to you by txt. This link will allow you to access the video consult.

We know that your time is important and we aim to be on time for your virtual appointment. Occasionally we may get held up by an emergency, or a complex problem. We will call you as soon as possible. If you have been waiting for 30mins, please call us. 

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