It is with a mixture of sadness and gratitude that we announce the pending retirement of Dr Phil Jacobs.  

Phil’s association with Halswellhealth has spanned nearly 25 years. Throughout that time, Phil has been a valuable resource, a senior doctor, a partner and very giving of his time and experience not to mention a friend to many of us. He has been involved in teaching and mentoring many of our team and in the wider general practice community. He has additionally served as the inaugural Chair of the Halswell Health Board. 

We had hoped to hold something of a “drop in clinic” for Phil on the 20th of November at Longhurst for those of you who wished to come in and farewell him face to face. Sadly, given the current environment, we don’t feel like this would be in our community’s best interests.

 Phil’s last day at work will be 26 November 2021. His patients will be taken on by Dr Lizzie Shiner (who commenced on 1st November) and Dr David Lima who joins us in February.  

 Phil leaves with our gratitude and our best wishes for his retirement. 

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